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Cupcakes Abloom! — 6 Springy Easter Cupcakes

easter cupcakes recipesIn a secular sense, Easter is a celebration of everything sweet, so why not bake up a batch of Easter cupcakes for your celebration? We’ve gathered together some of our favorite cupcakes — all of them appropriate for the season. From citrusy sunshine cupcakes to elegant little cakes covered with edible flowers, there are plenty of choices here. We’re especially fond of the fun tie-dyed beauties made with Jell-O (clever, huh?) and the kid-friendly cupcakes adorned with colorful jellied slices (what kid wouldn’t go wild for one of these?).


The best part about making cupcakes is that you can have everything done in advance if you’re entertaining — though if you opt for one of the kid-centric recipes, you might want to save the decorating for a group project. Once the egg hunt is over, bring out the supplies and let the everyone use their imaginations: you might be surprised at how creative little minds can be!






Lemon Cupcakes

easter cupcakes recipes

These little cakes aren’t cupcakes in the traditional sense, but they’re ideal for serving after an Easter breakfast or bunch. Glazed with a sweet lemon syrup, the cake itself is rich and moist — a perfect foil for pleasantly bitter coffee.




Flower Cupcakes

easter cupcake recipes

Don’t be afraid of the assembly that goes into these gorgeous cupcakes — even a child can put together the pastel flowers that crown them. The petals are made by simply snipping a mini-marshmallow in half and dipping the sticky edge in colored sugar — easy, peasy!




Butterfly Cupcakes

easter cupcake recipes

Aww — these sweet butterfly cupcakes will have both children and adults swooning. The cupcakes themselves are made with a cake mix, which leaves everyone more time to put the finishing touches on the colorful butterflies.




Sunshine Cupcakes

easter cupcakes recipes

Celebrate Easter with these pretty little floral cupcakes. They’re made with lemon and orange, so they have a bright, citrusy flavor that tastes of springtime.




Lemon Creme Cupcakes

easter cupcake recipes

These sunny cupcakes are made with a prepared mix and icing, so they’re a snap to put together. But the flavor of freshly grated lemon peel and juice is outstanding, and the cupcakes are a bright, welcoming addition to any Easter table.




Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes

easter cupcakes recipes

Using Jell-O to make these rainbow cupcakes is genius! The colors are bright and true, and it’s easy to create the three contrasting batters. You can even turn on a little groovy music for their grand entrance.





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