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Easter Bunny Cookies Are Hoppin’!

Bunny CookiesI’m having an unusual urge to make Yummy Bunny Cookies this Easter. (These bunnies are really fun to make—from shaping the dough into head and ears, to sprinkling coconut over the top, to making jelly-bean eyes and nose, peanut-butter cup eyebrows, and licorice-whip whiskers.)


But the bunnies are a new thing for me. Most years, Easter with my husband is a low-key affair—we live far from our families, where elaborate Easter meals are the standard. Most of the time, I’m totally fine with this, and I do my best to keep up my own tradition of making homemade egg-pasta for dinner.


Suddenly, though, when it comes to Easter sweets, I’m feeling fully on board. From wanting to institute a new tradition of exchanging chocolates from our local chocolate shop, to whipping up both a cheesecake and bunny cookies, I’m experiencing a virtual sugar rush.


Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to having a child and thinking about creating memorable (and fun) holidays for her. Or maybe it’s simply the elation that the early onset of spring has brought to the Midwest, where our lilacs are threatening to bloom a full month ahead of schedule. Whatever the reason, the urge to measure flour and butter is consuming me. Let the cute cookies begin!


Here are a few more of my favorite cut-out cookies for spring:
Flower Cookies with Cardamom
Butterfly Cookies
Easter Egg Cookies


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