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Cute Kids Meal: One Little Indian

How’s this for a creative kids meal (and a sneaky but delicious history lesson, to boot)?


We — as in, “we the people” — wouldn’t even be celebrating Thanksgiving if it weren’t for the Wampanoag Indians, who, 400 years ago, were kind enough to show the Pilgrims how to plant corn, wheat, and other crops. Every Thanksgiving our family always finds something to be thankful for. Right now, I’m thankful that my middle daughter’s foot isn’t broken (she has to stay off of it, but it isn’t broken!). Since she’s home from school, I had more time to fix her breakfast this morning. Her request for a bagel with cream cheese turned into a Thanksgiving history lesson about Indians. Learning can be quite tasty!


What You’ll Need:
1 bagel
2 tbsp. cream cheese (any flavor)
1/4 cup breakfast cereal
2 chocolate chips
1 apple


To make One Little Indian:
Toast half of the bagel. Cut the apple in half. From one half, cut a small chunk the size of the hole in the middle of the bagel. Place the chunk in the bagel hole to keep the cream cheese from falling through. Spread the cream cheese onto the bagel. Gently press breakfast cereal into the cream cheese to make the headband. Press 2 chocolate chips into the cream cheese for the eyes. From the half of the apple where chunk was cut, hand cut a smiling mouth and put in place. From the other half of the apple, cut 3 wedges and put in place for feathers.


Happy harvest!


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