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Cute Kids Dinner Recipe: Chili Penguin

The temperature has really dropped here in the Carolinas. And thank goodness — I was starting to worry that winter was never going to arrive! With colder weather comes warm-you-up comfort food like soups and chili, which, to my joy, our family loves. I don’t know about your family, but we enjoy our piping hot chili with all the goodness of corn chips and cheese. Yum! Since we eat chili often this time of year, I decided to come up with a fun little penguin to greet my kids when they came to the dinner table.





What You’ll Need:
sliced white cheese (such as mozzarella, Swiss, muenster, or havarti)
corn chips


To Make Chili Penguin:

Whip up your favorite trusty chili recipe. Ladle a serving into a bowl. While that cools a bit, pull out a slice of white cheese. Hand-cut a penguin shape out of the cheese (see photo). Using the scraps, cut separate pieces for the belly and the eyes. Pull out a bean from the chili and slice into fourths. Use 2 pieces of the bean for the pupils. Put cheese and bean slices into place. Use pieces of corn chips for the beak and feet. Serve warm.



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  • Estela says:

    Very good web site thanks so much to your time in writing the posts for all of us to learn about.

  • Beth B says:

    For all Mom’s, Dad’s & Grand’s: My grand loves to help me cook. This is a great idea. I’m definitely going to check out all of Kellie’s kid-friendly culinary creations.

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