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10 Creative Sandwich Sensations



What would lunch be without sandwiches? They’re essential to our weekdays and weekends, letting us grab food on the run and get right back to work or play. Problem is, it gets easy to fall into a rut, getting that same old plain-Jane tuna salad or turkey sandwich day after day. It’s time to break the cycle!


This collection of recipes shows you how to take sandwiches from good to “gourmazing,” all inspired by Arby’s Market Fresh®Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich. You wouldn’t think that chicken salad could rock your lunch world, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised what the addition of crunchy pecans, crisp apples and celery, and juicy grapes can do for a humble sandwich.


To see what other sandwich transformations we have in store, just start clicking through our mouth-watering slideshow. And if you want to try Arby’s new pecan chicken salad sandwich yourself, just find a location near you.





















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