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A Craving for Cranberries

Betcha when you think “cranberries,” you almost automatically think “sauce” — and no doubt, cranberries do a noble job serving as the sweet-tart foil to Thanksgiving‘s main event: the turkey.


But these ruby-red berries are incredibly versatile—they have a bright, fruit-forward flavor that lends itself to appetizers (especially those with mild cheese), drinks (from cocktails to refreshing teas and punches), side dishes (they add a nice crunch, color, and spark to rice), and desserts, where they play nicely with a whole host of other fruits and spices. Plus, that slight sourness is a boon when you’re pairing the berries with ubersweet ingredients like apples, apricots, and peaches.


So this year,  surprise your guests with what the humble cranberry can do. Whether you mix up a crunchy cranberry-walnut-cabbage slaw or bake up an orange cranberry bundt cake, we’ve got 10 cranberry recipes that will convince you these berries are worthy of center stage.


Cranberry-Apricot PuffsAnd, whatever you do, don’t forget the cranberry sauce.





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