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Ideas for Organizing Your Coupons

Coupon filing systemOrganizing your coupons is crucial for savings success. If you’re getting weekend newspaper inserts, printing online coupons, and/or collecting promotional coupons elsewhere, you cannot use them effectively without a system in place.


Here’s what works for me: I have a small, hand-size accordion file folder, in which I put “choice” coupons, which are coupons either for products my family prefers or coupons I specifically chose to combine with that week’s in-store sales. I also tuck all my store loyalty cards into the front pocket, so they’re not cluttering up my keychain or wallet. I keep this file in my car and always carry it into stores. That way, even if I’m not on a “scheduled” shopping trip, I have it with me if I encounter unadvertised sales.


At home, I have a file with the remainder of my coupons, organized by date. This allows me to easily access other coupons if I see a good price to match them with, but prevents my handheld folder from being crammed full.


Some couponers prefer to use a binder with partitioned squares, similar to what card collectors use. This is also an effective method, particularly for visually oriented people. Fashion your own folder system, or check out office supply stores for folders and binders specially designed for coupon storage.  More organizational ideas can be found at  www.momsaves.com.


3 Responses to “Ideas for Organizing Your Coupons”

  • Annie says:

    I used to keep all clipped coupons in a tiny accordion file folder. Then it got so crammed with coupons, it wouldn’t close and end up spilling out. So what I do now is only keep the current months coupon in the file folder and the other months in another folder. I’ve found that alphabetizing the coupons really helps. It helps when I’m looking for, let’s say, general mills cereal coupons, I just go and look it up under the G letter. I also keep all stores in different folders (ie, Target is in a red one, manufacturing is in green, and random stores in blue). Color code the folders to your liking. That way when I need to go to Target, I just grab the red and green folders.

  • Rachel Achmad says:

    I try to only buy items that are on sale, and coupon on them…but if it is something that I really need, then I have no choice but to coupon on the full price.

  • Reesha says:

    Do you only use coupons when a product is on sale? Or do you use a coupon for full price items also?

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