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Costco Samples Plentiful Any Day of the Week

Shopping at Costco by Tim Marrs

Tim Marrs

Remember those poor college days when you could make a meal out of the samples doled out at the grocery store on Saturday mornings? If only we’d had a Costco on campus.


Well, John Crudele, a columnist for the New York Post, wanted to find out just which day of the week is the best to score free eats at the mega-warehouse-club chain. So he took a couple of trips to Costco and here’s what he found.


Trip number one, according to Crudele, was made to a Manhattan Costco on a Wednesday, when the writer and his friend were greeted with 20  (20! ) samples ranging from salami and flavored mashed potatoes to whitefish and brie to cheesecake and mini red velvet cakes.


“Sometimes people have breakfast, lunch and dinner,” the cake sample hander-outer told Crudele. “And they bring their kids.”


On a Saturday trip—which happened to be Christmas Eve—the columnist headed to a New Jersey Costco and reports 13 samples were offered, including peppermint bark, spinach dip, marinara sauce, and cookies. That would make the weekday the winner, although the holiday may have had something to do with it, Crudele adds.


Offering a sampler’s smorgasbord is actually good business, according to the writer, who adds sales of products sampled increase by 300 percent.


Seems to us the $55 annual membership to Costco should be factored in to the budgets of parents with college students. Whether they go on a Wednesday or a Saturday, they’ll be sure to find plenty to eat. Just don’t be surprised if their dining savings gets turned into beer money.


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3 Responses to “Costco Samples Plentiful Any Day of the Week”

  • Jerome Watkins says:

    I disagree with the notion that the company providing samples might be a new an upcoming company who might be struggling. Costco has 727 stores and they all carry pretty much the sample product lines. Their purchasing dept is excellent and they tend to try to buy the best products available for the costco members. If the product is being sold at Costco, then the company has pretty much already made it. Giving out hundreds or even thousands of samples will not adversely affect the company. On the contrary, it should make the company a lot of money. If the product is shit, then it should be pulled from the shelves.

  • Dipanjan says:

    Joe, I disagree with you. They do work at Costco and I will continue having my free lunch at Costco. Why not? If I gave you $20 would you not take it honestly? don’t be a hypocrite.

  • Joe says:

    Please do not suggest that people take advantage of Costco’s free samples and not buy them!! Did you know that those people, who are feeding Costco’s members free food, keep their jobs from the sale of those samples? They are NOT employees of Costco. They stand for 6 hours a day and do not have much of a break to rest. Their jobs depend on those sales. They do not get benefits, and it is a physically demanding job. They are not there for you to have your free lunch or to feed your family! They are there to sell their items, so they can feed their own family! If they do not sell, they lose their jobs, period. NEVER suggest to people to not buy the free samples! You are harming a person’s means to make a living! Plus, the companies who provide the free samples stop providing them if sales are not met. Lately Costco has fewer samples because people are eating them, but not buying the food that is being sampled. The sales people presenting the samples are losing jobs, because members are eating more samples than they are buying the products they eat at Costco! The companies that are providing the samples will only keep the samples at Costco as long as the products being sampled are sold. Costco DOES NOT pay for your free sample! It’s the company that the sample comes from who pays for those samples. Sometimes it is a new and struggling company who is paying for your sample. Can you understand why the companies will pull out of Costco if their sales are not made when samples are being offered? You taking those samples and not purchasing not only harms the company, but MOST OF ALL, the person presenting the samples. If you are going to sample, please buy them if you like the sample. You are helping a person to keep a job. I am very disappointed in you for suggesting that people take the samples and not purchase the item being sampled. That is not only rude, but teaching people to be greedy. When companies stop providing the samples, the person who is presenting the samples will lose their jobs. The members will have fewer samples, because the companies will no longer offer them. Please keep jobs available and buy some of the products that you are sampling. I am not suggesting that you buy products that you do not like, because that’s why the samples are there for you to decide if you like it enough to buy. Please do not use the samples as a means to feed yourself and your family. If you are hungry, there are organizations to reach out to. The author of this article is suggesting that it is OK to be greedy and rude. It is not OK to eat the samples without intent to ever buy them.

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