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Cool Quick Coleslaw for Super Sandwiches: Leftover Logic

Coleslaw RecipesWho likes coleslaw? Go ahead, then. Make up a ton. But, no, you don’t have to serve it for dinner every night for two weeks or give out care packages to all the neighbors. (Or dish it out instead of trick or treat candy on Halloween.)


Coleslaw, which is quick and easy to make and also just feels so summer, does extra duty for days afterwards as a filler for sandwiches, turning good sandwiches into great ones with just the addition of a little of your leftover slaw. For the basic batch to use with all the recipes below, we like this caraway coleslaw, which is a little unusual and also a bit healthier than most (thanks to the addition of low-fat yogurt and light sour cream)>


But to do this right, you’re going to have to fudge some of the directions for making slaw in the recipes that follow. Is that cheating? Not really, for some of these recipes call for packaged slaw — quick, to be sure, but nothing to compare with your fresh-as-summer caraway cole slaw.



Caribbean Jerk Burgers

Coleslaw Recipes

You can add jerk sauce to your pre-made batch of coleslaw and come out ahead!




Southern-Style Chicken Barbecue ‘n’ Slaw Sandwiches

Coleslaw Recipes

Guess what? The slaw recipe for this sandwich is so generic, you’ll be golden with your caraway batch.




Easy Moo Shu Vegetable Wraps

Coleslaw Recipes

You win again! This recipe calls for packaged slaw. How could that compare with what you’ve already made?




Asian-Style Lettuce Wraps

Coleslaw Recipes

Strike two! Packaged slaw vs. your homemade version, which will really make this easy recipe sing.





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