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Easy New Year’s Resolutions: Take a Turkey to Lunch!

Turkey HealthNo, not your boss. Take a turkey sandwich to lunch. It’s the healthiest bet. Salami or bologna make a great sandwich, but they’re both a high-fat, high-sodium choice.


Lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and even pork (don’t forget about the “other white meat”) not only protect you from the high cholesterol of traditional processed lunch meats, they’re also a great source of vitamin B, folic acid, potassium, and zinc. And all that good lean protein (coupled with grilled veggies, if you really want to up the healthy sandwich quotient) gives you more energy to get you through the post-lunch dip — that mid-afternoon craving for a nap that happens when you’ve opted for the mac-and-cheese special over the Dieter’s Delight at the office cafeteria.


You don’t want to be the turkey who falls asleep at the desk every day after lunch. Like your boss! (Remember, though, she has an office with a door.)




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