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10 No-Bake Christmas Treats: Can You Spot What’s Store-Bought?

This Christmas, we have a gift idea that you can give to others and keep for yourself: cookies and treats that require no baking. Easy to whip up and just as tasty as their baked counterparts, these treats will save you plenty of time — and as we all know, time is the greatest gift of all during the busy holiday season.


In no time at all, you can make a batch of these treats for each person on your Christmas list; they’re perfect as part of a gift basket or on their own for friends, teachers and colleagues. They’re also a tasty addition to your holiday party menu. We guarantee that a plate of any of these sweets will go faster than you can say “Blitzen!”


Whether you choose to make Rice Krispies Treats in the festive shape of Kris Kringle, chocolate-dipped peppermint sticks or whimsical marshmallow snowmen that your kids are sure to love, each of these sweet treats is delightful and delicious. And that’s our gift to you!




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