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Christmas Ham Recipes: Get Your Glaze On!

Stout Glazed HamA good old country ham or a spiral-cut ham makes a classic centerpiece to your Christmas feast. And since it’s a special meal, make your Christmas ham extraspecial as well, without spending a bundle. One way to do that is with your glaze, which can turn an ordinary piece of meat into a succulent dish with an array of subtle (and not so subtle flavors). Add fruit or honey or even spicy chiles!


All you need for a tasty honey-baked ham, for example, is Dijon mustard, honey, dark-brown sugar, garlic, cider vinegar, and pepper. Got the ingredients? Now watch this video, “How to Make a Honey-Baked Ham” and you’ll get step-by-step help to create a terrific main dish for your holiday dinner.


And with these Christmas ham recipes, we give you a wide variety to choose from (with maybe a few surprises).




Country HamBaked Country Ham: Cloves, apple cider or apple juice, brown sugar, and a bit of sherry or red wine vinegar create a ham that’s slightly sweet and ultramoist.





Apricot Bourbon Glazed HamApricot Bourbon Glazed Ham: A touch bourbon (or pineapple juice, if you prefer), apricot preserves, and ground ginger makes a delicious basting sauce.




Coca Cola Chipotle Country HamCoca-Cola Chipotle Country Ham: Who knew that cola could produce such a fantastically sweet glaze? Southerners, that’s who! The chipotle sauce lends the meat a smoky, piquante touch.






Holiday Glazed HamHoliday Glazed Ham: Here’s a recipe that gives you three sweet glaze options: Five-Spice Plum Glaze, Maple-Pecan Glaze, or Cranberry Glaze.






Stout Glazed HamStout-Glazed Ham: Irish stout (such as Guinness), combined with honey and butter gives this ham a lovely deep flavor.





Ham it up! See all our Christmas Ham recipes!




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