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Quick & Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes

Christmas Fudge RecipesChristmas Fudge, the best of all chocolate recipes. The treat that’s so good, it’s sold by the block in stores devoted almost exclusively to selling that one confection alone. (How many olde fudge shoppes have you passed over the years in all those touristy towns?)


But nothing quite beats authentic homemade fudge recipes, handed down from generation to generation. Fudge is also one of the sweetest parts of Christmastime. We all have so many fond memories of holiday tables loaded with festive cookies, wonderful candy treats, and squares of irresistible fudge and brownies.


Not only is fudge a staple at holiday parties and on dessert tables, but it also makes a great gift for just about anyone on your list. A block of someone’s favorite fudge, encased in a pretty box and tied with a colorful ribbon, is the sure way to stay on everyone’s “nice” list this holiday season — and the rest of the year, for that matter.


To help inspire your fudge-making, we’ve giving you everything here from a basic (but hardly boring!) chocolate Old Time Fudge recipe to ones with more unexpected flavors, such as Key Lime Fudge and Honey and Macadamia Nut Fudge. We’ve also got a recipe for an outrageously easy Microwave Candy Bar Fudge, which is almost as good as the original recipe.


In fact, each of these recipes is so tasty, you might as well make them all this holiday season. Who knows? You might even decide to open your own fudge shop. After moving to one of those quaint little towns, that is.




Microwave Candy Bar Fudge

Chirstmas Candy Recipes

As easy as it is tasty, this fudge is cooked exclusively in the microwave. Three layers of flavor combine to create a sweet that tastes just like a favorite candy bar.




Old-Time Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

There’s a reason this fudge recipe has stayed popular over the years. Creamy, chocolatey, and rich, this perennial favorite gets dressed up with a drizzle of white chocolate.




Christmas Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

Why give fruitcake when you can make this sweet and beautiful fudge instead? Tart cranberries and sweet apricots give this white chocolate fudge plenty of flavor as well as a dash of color.




Key Lime Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

Fresh key limes or bottled key lime juice make this recipe especially delicious, but it also very tasty made with regular lime juice. Add chopped macadamia nuts for crunch.




Cherry-Almond Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

For a creamy fudge, be sure to pick white chocolate that has a high cocoa butter content. The sweet, creamy white chocolate is deliciously complimented by tart cherries and crunchy almonds.




Mint-Layer Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

The classic flavor combination of chocolate and mint come together perfectly in this tasty treat. If you are not a fan of walnuts, you can just as easily exclude them from the recipe.




Honey and Macadamia Nut Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipes

Buttery and sweet, this fudge is a wonderful variation on the basic recipe. We love how the sweetness of the honey is offset by the crunchy, salty nuts.




Peanut Butter Fudge

Christmas Fudge Recipe

Why not serve this fudge alongside the chocolate version in a nod to the popular peanut butter cup candy? Alone or with other flavors, this fudge is always a favorite.




Celebrate the season with all of these festive Christmas Candy Recipes!






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