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25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Patchwork Mitten Cookies

Patchwork Mitten Cookies: 25 Days of Christmas CookiesMaybe this Patchwork Mitten Cookie recipe is so much fun to make because, unless you live in a place where the sun shines all the time, it sums up everything we love about crisp, cold holiday (for most of us) weather. There’s something about snow — and having to put on your mittens? — that gives Christmas a special boost.


Patchwork Mitten Cookies are also surprisingly easy to make, too. Start with a basic sugar cookie recipe; after that, all you need is food coloring, a pastry wheel, and a mitten-shaped cookie cutter. Assembling the “mittens” can take a bit of time, but why not enlist some volunteers? We guarantee your kids will love the chance to help choose the colors for the mittens as well as to help “sew” the patches together. Each family member can choose his or her own particular style of patchwork. Who says cookies can’t be as exciting as couture?


Warning: You may become smitten with Patchwork Mitten. These cookies have the power to turn an ordinary Saturday into a day of family fun around the kitchen table. What better way to say “Christmas party” than with these pretty (and edible!) Patchwork Mitten Cookies?


Now, let it snow.




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