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25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Roly-Poly Santas

christmas cookie recipeAre you Santa Claus’ number one fan? Do you look forward to his yearly appearance in front yards, on decorations and at the mall, where he gamely sits for pictures with wary kids? Because if you still believe in the magic of Santa, then I’ve got just the cookie for you!


These Roly-Poly Santas are as cute as they are tasty. Their little round bellies might not shake like “a bowl full of jelly,” as their namesake’s does, but otherwise these cookies are an adorable likeness of Santa in baked form. From his portly frame to his snowy beard and red nose, Santa gets the sweet treatment in this recipe.


There is some assembly required, but if you can enlist the help of some little elves of your own, creating these treats easily becomes a fun holiday tradition. And for the true Santa-lover, the opportunity to make something for Christmas in your own workshop is the best way to celebrate St. Nick!


Make these Roly-Poly Santas!




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