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Holiday Hosting: 10 Crowd-Pleasing Christmas Appetizer Recipes

The Christmas season means guests, and lots of them. The best way to feed a holiday crowd? Christmas appetizers. Plates of beautiful little nibbles make a gathering more festive and allow guests to eat while they socialize. When you’re planning your menu, be sure to provide a wide variety of dishes. Keep in mind the play of flavors and how your array of appetizers complement one another. Rich, cheesy appetizers balance nicely against the saltiness of olives or nuts; throwing a sweet appetizer into the mix makes for a nice surprise. Some appetizers, like the pizzettas here, lend themselves to plenty of variation. You can make the basic appetizer, then choose your toppings to accommodate different guests (shredded pork for the meat-lovers; three cheese and herb for the vegetarians).


Another consideration is appearance — it’s the holidays, after all, so look for appetizers with pizzazz. But that doesn’t mean you have to run yourself ragged. A number of appetizers can be made hours or even a day in advance, and many dips and spreads actually benefit from being made the day before to give their flavors time to coalesce.


Ready to get started ? We’ve got 10 appetizers sure to make your party—and your guests—more merry.


christmas appetizer recipesGet into the Christmas spirit with these holiday spirits!







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