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How Do You Spell Love? C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

There’s no use pretending. Chocolate recipes make us go weak in the knees — er, the heart. Whether you’re talking about an icy cold chocolate sherbet, a warm, molten chocolate cake, or a delicate chocolate soufflé, there aren’t many of us who can turn down a chocolate dessert. Which is why Valentine’s Day is so spectacular. It’s a holiday practically dedicated to chocolate: a red envelope with an invitation for you to make (and enjoy) all of the chocolate desserts you want.


So when February 14th rolls around, vow to spread the love. Whether you’re hosting an romantic, intimate dinner for two or a fun-filled family celebration, chocolate desserts will be welcome at the table. We’ve got 9 chocolate desserts designed to impress even the most dedicated chocolate connoisseur. Just be sure to make enough — no matter how rich the recipe, we can promise there will be requests for seconds.



chocolate dessert recipes valentines dayForget Cupid’s arrow — it’s chocolate that goes straight to the heart! Check out all our chocolate dessert recipes!

















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