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Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnut Oil: Secret Ingredient

walnut oilThere’s a secret to making chocolate chip cookies taste even better, not to mention all kinds of other recipes from sweet to savory. And it’s called walnut oil — healthy, nutritious, and with a deep nutty flavor to turn you into a genius cook without even trying very hard.


Walnut oil is everywhere — if by “everywhere” we mean “in the oil-and-vinegar aisle of most supermarkets and even the little grocery store in my teeny town.”


It’s not expensive, if by “it’s not” we mean “it is.” But walnut oil lasts a long time, and it isn’t that expensive (the unit price is about the same as for peanut oil or for store-brand olive oil). Nowhere near as expensive as, say, truffle oil, which contains not an atom of actual truffle. Truth! Virtually all the truffle oils out there are synthetics.


Walnut oil is REAL. It’s made from actual walnuts, and it tastes like them. Store it in the fridge to preserve the taste.


Of course walnut oil is great in salads, especially ones with blue cheese. More important, though, is the subtle and indefinable difference it brings to baked goods. People notice it without being able to identify it, and they start to believe that you’re magic, and before long they’re bowing whenever you walk by.


They bow especially low when you bring them your Improved chocolate chip cookies. Now, many people disapprove of nuts in chocolate chip cookies.  But when you add a teaspoon or two of walnut oil to the batter, you give the cookies a lovely nutty richness without (in the words of my children) ruining them with nuts. The same goes for carrot cake, chocolate sauce, banana bread, icings, crumb crusts … I could go on forever!


Let’s start with this recipe for Essential Chocolate Chip Cookies, since it’s my favorite. Just add 2 teaspoons of walnut oil along with the eggs. And let me know what you think.




Kick up the flavor with walnut oil in this recipe for Essential Chocolate Chip Cookies!





5 Responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnut Oil: Secret Ingredient”

  • Peggie says:

    David, you do not receive copies of your previous letters. As the letters go forward that amount can be in the hundreds. But if there’s a particular letter send us an email and maybe we can figure something out.

  • Trevor says:

    Awfully illuminating thank you, I do think your current visitors may perhaps want a whole lot more articles such as this continue the great effort.

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Ann

    Something “NEW” for me to try. Should be delicious, YUM!!! I have always use pure butter and many many years ago I have used shortening.


  • Barbara says:

    so – in ADDITION to the butter, or instead of???

    • Ann Hodgman says:

      In addition to! Walnut oil is great, but 2 teaspoons wouldn’t replace that delicious 3/4 cup of butter.

      Sorry for not being clearer. Let me know how you like the cookies if you have time…


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