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Chocolate Madness: 9 of Our Most Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipes

We always think of Marie Antoinette when we think of cake, particularly when we survey the likes of such delectable chocolate cake recipes as these. It was, after all, the queen of France who supposedly uttered the infamous words, “Let them eat cake,” not too terribly long before she lost her head. And while we now know that she, in fact, probably didn’t say such a thing at all, not to mention that “cake” isn’t really an accurate translation, nevertheless there’s a kind of delicious irony to the tale (literally, delicious): let us eat cake, indeed.


Who wouldn’t, after all, feel a bit regal sinking a fork into the light, cloudy layers of a Chocolate Cherry Stack Cake, or emit a royal hiccup of delight at the sight of a delectable Coconut Cream-Filled Chocolate-Coffee Cupcake? You can have your sorbets and parfaits and plain ol’ vanilla treats — nothing quite possesses the seductive allure of unabashed luxury like the first deep, rich, moist, euphoric bite of the perfect chocolate cake. So yes, we’ll take the cake — particularly one that’s fit for a queen.



chocolate cake recipes

If you’re a novice at making chocolate cake, start with the basics and our handy step-by-step guide to making your first chocolate cake!








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  • Marti Hendrickson says:

    Hi, I am making our granddaughters “7th” Birthday cake upcoming this Dec. 7th…Mikayla has requested “an animal cake”..I have a 4 tiered cake pan set and now she wants me to do it for her. I have purchased plastic and some “furry” (do be laid on parchment paper for the fuzzy ones)..white overall icing? Then green for the forest animals and brown/crushed chocolate cookies for “dirt” for others…any suggestions? Thank you…love your site!!

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