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How to Tailgate: The Best Chili Recipes

Chili: Tailgating RecipesRamping up the grill for a tailgating party might seem unplanned and casual — just a group of friends munching on chips while waiting for the game to start. But as any real tailgater can tell you, this autumn ritual is a prime-time chance to showcase your masterful culinary skills — all on the back of a truck (at least in theory). No wonder then that quick and easy to transport chili is a tailgating staple.


Even if you serve most of your football fare on a fold-out table (and, come on folks, don’t we all?), chili is still the perfect food for tailgating, from the traditional, easy to make Red Bean Chili to a sassy Chicken Chili on down to something more exotic like a White Chile with Salsa Verde. Best of all, chile — any kind you like — can be prepared in advance. The flavors always enhance and blend with time (chili is always better the next day, right?), and a hearty bowl of chili can keep you satisfied through hours of pre-game fun — even through the action itself.


As with any tailgating staple, chili can be cooked (or in many cases, reheated) on a portable grill or burner, and because it’s a one-pot dish, chili is easy to lug to and from the game. All you have to do it make sure you have a pot large enough to serve a crowd, with a secure lid to keep the precious chili safe in transit.


After all, for the true tailgater, the only thing worse than losing the game might be losing the chili!




S O B Texas Chili

Chili: Tailgaiting Recipes

If you’re a Cowboys fan or went to school in Austin, this is the chili for you — full of flavor without too much heat!




Slow Cooker Hearty Beef and Bean Chili

Chili: Tailgating Recipes

Though it cooks for eight hours, this chili takes only 15 minutes to finish, making it a perfect choice for a tailgate party. Toss the ingredients in a slow-cooker and leave it alone while you assemble your other dishes.




1st and 10 Sausage Chili

Chili: Tailgating Recipes

Smoky ground sausage and beer give this dish an unexpected flavor while still providing all the expected warmth and comfort of chili.




White Chili with Salsa Verde

Chili: Tailgating Recipes

Set your tailgate party apart with this innovative recipe using white beans, ground turkey, and an accompanying salsa verde made with fresh tomatillos and serrano chiles.




Chipotle Pork Chili

Chili: Tailgating Recipes

Smoky chipotle peppers give this chili a decidedly Southwestern flair, and it takes only 25  minutes to prepare — a great chili on-location recipe for your tailgate party.




Celebration Chili

Chile: Tailgaiting Recipes

Regardless the game’s results, your tailgate companions will be cheering, thanks to this delicious chili in which semisweet chocolate is the secret ingredient.





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