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Easy Chili and Sloppy Joes: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Chili Recipes: Cook Once, Eat TwiceChili is the star of this week’s menu — a hearty dish for fall, even if you go with a vegetarian recipe. Chili is a great one-pot meal that lets everyone customize their own bowls, with any number of tempting toppings, from grated cheddar cheese and chopped onions on down to a dallop of sour cream


Before you start out, you’ll need to soak and cook your beans the night before, so they’re ready to throw in the pot the next day. (No, we’re not using canned!) But you don’t want chili two nights in a row, so — suprise! — we’re having Sloppy Joe’s the second day. Just as with a proper bowl of chili, you can customize away with these favorite sandwiches.


Day 1 (dinner): This basic recipe for Chili doesn’t take long to make, and I always double the batch anyway, just to have some extra chili on hand — even if not making Sloppy Joe’s. Chile freezes nicely, and as we all know, actually tastes better when heated up as leftovers.  So always prepare it a day in advance, if you can. The toppings are what take chili to the next level. Top off your bowl with pickled jalapeños instead of dried chili, if you like — a nice touch for adding heat and texture and to give the dish a fresh kick. And, if you’ve got the time, serve your chile with this delicious homemade crusty cornbread.


Day 2 (lunch or dinner): I usually make Sloppy Joe’s with beans anyway — healthier and with a great texture. I like to freeze half of the leftover chile for a later time and use the other half to fill my sloppy joes. Heat what’s left of the chili batch and adjust the seasoning with the dry mustard, molasses, and red wine vinegar (which you’ll find listed in the recipe). If there’s too much liquid in the pan, just use a slotted spoon to strain. Voila! The mixture is ready for you to spoon into buns as soon as it’s hot.




From Taco to Italian, make all these easy & creative chili recipes!






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