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Chicken & Waffles Chips? New Flavor is Up to You!

lay's chip flavors: food newsWhen the snack food giant Lay’s asked the public to come up with the next great potato chip flavor, 3.8 million people answered. From there, a panel of judges — including chefs and flavor experts — managed to winnow the field down to three. Are you ready for this? Chicken & Waffles; Cheesy Garlic Bread; and Sriracha.


Really, world? This is the best you could come up with?


The Associated Press reports the three finalist flavors will hit store shelves this week. Chipistas (is that what you call chip connoisseurs) will have until May to narrow the field down to one grand winner, which will then become part of the regular Lay’s regular lineup.


You’ll be able to vote in the “Do Us a Flavor” campaign via Lay’s Facebook page; on Twitter (#SaveChickenWaffles, #SaveGarlicBread, or #SaveSriracha); or by texting the word “VOTE” to 24477.


Prototype chips were made and tasted alongside the actual namesake dish in question. Can you imagine what some of the also-rans must have been? (Hint, we actually saw these submissions on Lay’s Facebook page: gyro, Caribbean jerk; Philly cheesesteak; Caesar salad; and sweet potato pie. Pass the Tums.)


Whoever came up with the winning new chip flavor gets either $1 million (or 1% of 2013 sales of the flavor),  whichever ends up being the better deal. Even the runners-up will pocket $50,000 each.


Of course, winning doesn’t guarantee a long shelf-life. According to the AP, Frito-Lay conducted a similar challenge a few years ago in the U.K., and, if you think the American finalists sound iffy, get a load of the three British contenders: Walkers Chilli & Chocolate; Walkers Cajun Squirrel; and the ultimate champ, Builder’s Breakfast (a bacon, sausage and egg-tasting chip). This may shock you, but the flavor is no longer on the U.K. roster. Suddenly plain ol’ “original” sounds like a winner to us.




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