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Sweet-Spicy Chicken Thighs: Dinner for $10

Chicken thighs are the underdog of poultry, but they can rescue dinner again and again if you let them. Why do the editors love them? They’re wonderfully flavorful (unlike chicken breast, which tends to be bland unless it’s got great sauce or rub), they’re inexpensive (seriously — compare a pound of boneless chicken breast with a pound of boneless or bone-in thighs next time you’re at the market), and they’re more forgiving when it comes to cooking time (breast will overcook and become tough in mere seconds; because the thighs have more fat, you’re not going to ruin dinner if you go over a minute or two). These are rubbed with a combo of soy sauce, honey, and mustard, giving them a delicious salty-sweet coating.


Barley and peas are the easy, built-in side dish you can make anytime — they both cook quickly, and you can have both on hand at all times in the cupboard and freezer. Barley is cheapest where you can buy it in bulk, but you can find it at almost any supermarket in the same aisle as other packaged grains and couscous. This recipe serves 4 for only $1.48 per serving!


Make this sweet & spicy chicken thigh dinner!


Feel free to go for other parts of the bird if thighs aren’t your thing:

Chicken breasts

Chicken wings

Whole roasted chicken



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  • P thornton says:

    Mix olive oil and Lipton savory herb and garlic dry soup. Stir and pour over boneless skinless chicken thighs
    Bake in 350 oven for approximately 30 to 45 min

  • Trish says:

    “Love is the essence of God.” – R.W. Emerson

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