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Chicken Soup to Chicken Salad: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Chicken Soup/Salad: Cook Once, Eat TwiceNow that the leaves are changing color, I’ve got chicken soup on my mind. But I’m re-inventing this all-time favorite, making a cilantro-tinged soup, with avocado and cut ears of corn, that is virtually the national dish of Colombia.


Of course, I prepare double the amount of super-healthy skinless chicken breasts that I’ll need for the soup so I’ll have enough left over for a great salad the next day.


Day One (dinner): There’s nothing like a good one-pot meal (less dishes to clean!), and this protein-rich Colombian Chicken Soup — with corn, avocado, capers, yogurt, and cilantro — is as tasty and healthy as it is unusual (for North Americans, that is). I use thick Greek yogurt, which gives the soup a richer flavor. And I spice the borth with sliced jalapeños (be sure to remove the seeds).


Day Two (lunch):  This Mediterranean Chicken Salad is brimming with the fresh flavors of mint and basil; it’s also loaded with protein from the chickpeas and chicken. I recommend making a big batch of your own dressing — more fun, to be sure — and keeping it in a screw top jar so you’ll have extra for salads later in the week.




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