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Easy, Elegant Chicken Scarpariello — That’s Italian!

Chicken Scarpariello RecipeWhen an easy Italian chicken recipe comes together as fast as the speediest stir-fry but looks far too elegant to serve on a busy weeknight, you know you’ve got a winner.


That’s Chicken Scarpariello (click here for the recipe). Don’t worry about pronouncing it; just learn to make it.


Here’s why it’s easy: Boneless chicken thighs sautée in only 10 minutes, giving them the comforting look of fried chicken but with way fewer calories (the meat is only lightly dusted in flour). Some garlic (lightly crushed; no mincing involved), lemon juice, and chicken stock finish the deal.


Here’s why Chicken Scarpariello is so pretty: Roasted Italian peppers (no fuss, from a jar) add bright dots of red confetti to the golden glow of the meat, while strands of rosemary leave streaks of forest green (the perfect dish for Christmas?). Oh, the recipe calls for Australian peppadaw peppers, but I prefer the smoky taste of roasted bells.


At only 40 minutes to prepare, Chicken Scarpariello could easily be your go-to meal on weeknights. Just serve over rice and maybe add a green salad (click here for beautiful Christmas salad recipes). But with holiday entertaining coming up fast, don’t forget this lovely dish when you want to impress the guests without killing yourself in the kitchen. It’s a win-win combination that lets you go on to greater culinary glory another day.




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