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Chicken Mushroom Lo Mein: 30-Minute Meal

Chicken Lo Mein Recipe: 30-Minute MealWe like a meal that looks kind of sophisticated, like chicken mushroom lo mein. (Seems like the kind of dish that you wouldn’t dare try at home, preferring to pick it up from the closest Chinese takeout place.) But we also like to whip up something easy, especially on a busy weeknight. And that’s chicken mushroom lo mein, too.


While we’re on the subject, a meal that feels complete — full of vegetables, fresh pea pods and mushrooms, even a touch of sherry (or was that the sophisticated part?), and everybody’s all time favorite, chicken — doesn’t hurt either. Did we mention the “lo mein” here is actually linguine but doing a fine job of acting like a Chinese noodle instead of pasta? And we know how easy it is to boil water for pasta.


So let’s hear it for chicken mushroom lo mein, possibly the fastest, easiest stir-fry you would never guess didn’t come from the place down the street.


But how can this be, you ask? Well, maybe don’t ask, simply because there’s no mystery here. The prep is easy. Just chop and put everything together in a bowl. Bring out a wok or shell-shaped pan and — presto! — your chicken mushroom lo mein is ready before you have time to call out for it. And don’t forget to boil the linguine!




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