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Crunchy Chicken Fingers: Make the Takeout

Crunchy Chicken Finger Recipe: Make the TakeoutThe nice thing about Crunchy Chicken Fingers (click here for the recipe) is that, well, they taste great — a snack everybody loves. The other thing about our healthy version of this snack is that they’re baked, not fried. (P.S. Try this recipe for Baked Chicken Drumsticks, too!)


What’s the secret? Believe it or not, a crust of Corn Flakes. Yeah, you love ‘em for breakfast but maybe did not realize how far you could take this cereal classic, in this case recreating a favorite takeout snack with less calories, less fat than the one you get from the place down the street.


You can whip up these “wings” in a jiffy, too — always nice if you want to serve them for dinner on a busy weeknight with maybe a salad or some re-heated leftover vegetables. Dinner in a flash!


With football season upon us, you might want to think about Crunchy Chicken Fingers (click here for the recipe) as a great “takeout” item to put on your tailgating list. Easier to make than real wings, a lot healthier, too, our chicken fingers are also a breeze to store and transport.


A little ketchup is the perfect condiment to serve with these Crunchy Chicken Fingers (click here for the recipe). But when you want to add some variety, the sky’s the limit — make any dip you want from a spicy taco sauce on down to all kinds of exotic combinations. You won’t get that at the takeout window.




No matter how you serve them, Crunchy Chicken Fingers are a snack-time hit!






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