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Easy Chicken & Dumplings Recipe: 30-Minute Meal

Easy Chicken and Dumplings: 30-Minute MealsThe name says it all: Easy Chicken & Dumplings, a recipe about as fast as any recipe could be, especially for something that sounds, well, so hearty. So nutritious. So guaranteed to please on a cold winter’s night.


With all the Christmas parties and holidays dinners behind us, and only New Year’s — the king of all eat-too-much (or maybe it’s “drink too much”) — celebrations left, wouldn’t it be nice to settle down to a long winter’s meal, as long as that meal were quick and easy to prepare?


You bet. And this recipe for Easy Chicken & Dumplings is exactly what you want. Cut-up (think “easy”) chicken, creamy mushroom soup (easy), and frozen carrots and peas (easier still) combine in a skillet faster than you can say “where’s the dumplings?” Dumplings? Oh, don’t worry about them. Just pop open a roll of Bisquick Heart Smart Mix for instant dumplings, made right in the pan.


We can’t help thinking healthy, hearty, easy — a gorgeous cold-weather warmer on a busy weeknight that the whole family is going to eat up. No worries, you won’t need leftovers; Easy Chicken & Dumplings is just too easy to make from scratch.




Warm up quick with this quick recipe for Easy Chicken and Dumplings!






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