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Easy Chicken and Dumplings: 30-Minute Meal

Chicken and Dumpling Recipe: 30-Minute MealThe name itself is ever so comforting: Easy Chicken and Dumplings, and we guess that’s because fall is starting to cool things down a bit. What is it about the word “dumpling” that makes you think Mom is trying to warm you up inside before Jack Frost starts nipping at your ears?


But there’s an even better reason to like this quick and easy dish (click here for the recipe): It’s fast. (In all fairness, to make it really happen in record time, you need to start with cooked chicken, so think of this as the speediest leftover dish you’ll ever make.)


And here’s one more reason to love the dish: It’s dish-licious — rich and creamy from a fat-free sauce (yes, this dish is health-licious, too!) and full of the tender comfort of homemade dumplings. But don’t panic: These dumplings are in the express lane to a quick and easy dinner on the table in only 30 minutes; they’re from a Bisquick mix, ready to be sprinkled with a little ruby red paprika — to add an exotic touch — once you pop ‘em out of the oven.


So play Mom tonight. (Or have you been doing that all along?) Whip up this delicious Easy Chicken and Dumplings recipe. It will be so comforting — and fast!





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