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Chicken with Broccoli: Make the Takeout

Chicken with Broccoli RecipeHow many times have you ordered a stir-fry from the Chinese takeout place only to wonder: “Could I have made this myself?” You could, in fact. Take the classic dish — chicken with broccoli — and, yes, go ahead and make it in your own kitchen.


Here’s a couple of things we can guarantee: The dish will taste just as good; it will be quite healthy (maybe even healthier, because we use cooking oil — not cottonseed oil, a staple of many takeout places — in our home-cooked version); and it will be easy as boiling rice. This one’s a no-brainer. When you can make a dish as delicious as the one you crave and can also deliver it to your table faster than you can find the takeout menu, you need to go for it.


Put down that phone and start cooking chicken with broccoli. It’s so quick-and-easy, it’ll be ready faster than the rice you’ll be serving on the side.





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