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Boneless Chicken to Hit KFC Menus Next Week

KFC Chicken: Food NewsKentucky Fried Chicken, prepare to face your Greatest Day in Chicken History. It’s coming! Coming soon! April 14, to be exact. To a KFC outlet near you.


No bones about it. The Colonel is all set to launch Original Recipe Boneless Chicken, the first new option to KFC’s original chicken menu in 70 years. (No, these won’t be crispy chicken strips or tenders, which KFC already serves, but complete pieces filleted directly off the bone.)


According to the website Delish: “The pieces will be bone-free, skinless, and orders will include both white and dark meat. They will still be hand breaded and will use the same recipe as the bone-in menu items.”


Nearly four out of five servings of fried chicken in the United States are bone-free, says a KFC spokesman. “Younger people don’t tend to be fans of bones,” he said, adding that  “they’ve grown up with nuggets.”


For now, says Delish, the new boneless chicken will only be served at participating KFC locations around the country, 4,500 eateries total. Customers can purchase a two-piece Boneless Combo for $4.99, which will include two pieces of chicken, one side, a biscuit, and a medium drink.


And we have no bone to pick with that.




Don’t wait until April 14 to make great boneless chicken breast recipes!






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