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Cheeseburger Soup: Dinner for $10

cheap dinner recipesWant to work up a little wizardry in the kitchen to wow your kids? Take cheeseburgers, take soup, and with a bit of behind-the-scenes alchemy — presto! — you’ve got Cheeseburger Soup. (Don’t worry, no blender required.)


Take that, Harry Potter.


How the heck did you do that? It’s a full-fledged hearty soup that, indeed, is big enough for a meal, chock-full of all the great flavors of a cheeseburger (and even fries!). Ok, there’s no bun, but you’ll no doubt want some rolls on the side to sop up the cheesy delicious broth. Your kids will think it’s some kind of magic; you’ll be amazed that it all cost less than a trip to your local burger joint. Indeed, this Cheeseburger Soup yields 6 servings at just $1.47 per serving.



Make this Cheeseburger Soup!





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