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Cheese-Stuffed Chicken: Dinner for $10

cheap dinner recipesThere’s something about a value pack of chicken breasts that reminds us of those terra cotta warriors you sometimes see that have been discovered in one ancient Chinese tomb or another, lined up in pale rows, waiting with dull impassivity to fulfill their destiny. And, frankly, biting into some chicken breasts (um, boneless) can often be almost as bland as mouthful of clay (not that we’ve actually tasted clay, mind you).


In any case, we prefer our chicken breasts with the bone in and the skin on, thank you. We’re particularly fond of stuffing them silly (before we stuff ourselves silly). And what better stuffing than cheese … and not one kind of cheese, but two: gooey mozzarella paired with wonderfully salty feta. Oh, and lets throw in some bacon for added measure. All in all, 4 servings at just $2.34 per serving.




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