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3 Things to Make With…Champagne!

champagne recipesQuick! What do you do when someone gives you a nice, expensive bottle of Champagne? Drink it, silly!


We’re in no need of convincing that good Champagne (or any good-quality sparkling wine, as any bubbly from anywhere other than the Champagne region of France is called) is in any need of accoutrements. But what about the other kind of Champagne? You know, still full of plenty of sparkle, but, well, decidedly average?


Whether you find yourself in the position of receiving so-so Champagne during the holidays as a gift, or just don’t want to break the bank supplying some big-buck bubbly at your own New Year’s Eve party, we’ve got two cocktails (and even a delicious cake) that will take ordinary Champagne to extraordinary new heights!



1. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

(pictured, left)

Looking for a sophisticated twist on the classic midnight toast? These easy-to-prep, seductively red cocktails are the perfect way to ring in the new year.





2. Champagne Punch

champagne recipes

Spiked party punch can seem so high school, but not this bright, refreshing Champagne version. (Serving tip: fill a bundt pan with water and some of the citrus slices and freeze overnight for an elegant homemade ice ring that won’t melt by 10 o’clock.)





3. Orange-Champagne Cakes

champagne recipes

Your guests will be expecting Champagne — surprise them, though, with these moist little Orange-Champagne cakes. (And yes, they go great with a glass of Champagne, too).)




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