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3 Things to Make With…Candy Corn!

candy cornAh, you wicked little candy corns. Once there was a bowl full of you, now there’s none. Time to open another bag.


Though these sweet little treats have come to herald the arrival of autumn surely as much as the changing of the leaves, most people will agree that the color burst of fall foliage is pretty; the same can’t be said for the flavor of candy corn. We’ve been surprised to see some fairly hostile reactions to candy corn here at But these conical confections have their die-hard fans, too, and these three candy-corn laden treats are for them…


1. Quick Spooky Snack

(pictured, left)

Quick, indeed. Just toss Chex mix with M&Ms and candy corn for an irresistible sweet-n-salty snack that’s also perfect for any Halloween party.




2. Monster Mouths

candy corn

Dress up that ho-hum after-school staple of apples and peanut butter with candy corn to create these jawesome snacks!




3. Turkey Hunt Snacks

candy corn recipes

Don’t forget: Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Snag a couple extra bags of candy corn on sale to make these sweet little turkeys.




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