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5 Delicious Candy Apple Recipes: Dip ‘em, Dress ‘em, Devour ‘em!

candy apple recipesBobbing for apples may be a traditional Halloween game, but we think enjoying sweet, decadent candy apples instead is a much better way to incorporate the classic fall fruit into your holiday celebration. After all, Halloween is all about treats, and candy apples — whether coated with caramel, cinnamon or even chocolate — are just as much fun as any wrapped goodies.


Candy apples are also a great way to get the kids involved. Let them help you dip the apples in the topping (or toppings) of their choice. And if you’re making enough candy apples for a Halloween party, you’ll appreciate the assistance little hands can lend! Start a candy-apple assembly line: one person to put the apple on a stick, the next to dip, and yet another to add nuts, candies or whatever else you fancy. It’s an easy way to prepare these treats while having fun, too.


That’s another great thing about candy apples: their quick prep time makes them a perfect addition to your Halloween party menu. You can whip up a bushel quickly and still have plenty of time to carve the jack-o’-lanterns.


In fact, the only downside we can think of having candy apples at your Halloween bash is that nobody’s going to want to bob for the plain ones!




Cinnamon Candied Apples

candy apples recipes

Bright red and shiny, these candied apples are irresistible. A hard candy shell with a cinnamon kick is a great flavor contrast to the tartness of Jonathan apples.




Indulgent Caramel Apples

candy apples recipes

These decadent treats have it all: caramel, chocolate and an array of sweet or salty toppings. There are endless variations to explore as you create these tricked-out treats!




Shrunken Heads

candy apples recipes

Caramel apples get festive (and a little creepy!) for Halloween with these clever treats. Kids will love to help create their very own “shrunken head.”




Caramel Apples

candy apples recipes

This traditional recipe proves just how sweet homemade caramel is. It’s also easier than you might expect; it takes just a few ingredients and ten minutes.




Dark Chocolate Dipped Apples

candy apples recipes

Adults will love these apples just as much as the kids, thanks to sophisticated flavor of dark chocolate. Dried cranberries and almonds are an unexpected and delicious garnish.




You’ve got the costumes and candy, now get in the spirit!

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