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Where’s the Beef? 8 Great Burgers—No Beef

Contrary to popular opinion, ground beef is not essential to a good burger. In fact, many of the tastiest burgers feature more unconventional ingredients: turkey, veggies, even lentils. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not knocking the good ol’ hamburger. It’s just that we think there’s room for some variety — or, really, lots of it.


Of course, we’ll get no argument from your doctor, since health experts now recommend indulging in red meat only infrequently. So why not venture out into new burger territory when you’re hit with a burger craving?


To help expand your burger horizons, we’re giving you some of our favorite “exotic” burger recipes. There’s everything from a relatively conventional (but still delicious) turkey burger to a completely meatless lentil-and-almond burger, which is sure to be a favorite of vegetarians. And our tuna Nicoise burger is fancy enough for even your most “gourmet” friends.


So next time you have a craving for a burger, leave the ground beef in the freezer and reach for something more unexpected. As for us, we’ve got a salmon burger calling our name …




hamburger recipesFrom turkey to tuna, veggie to salmon, there’s a world of burgers to explore!
















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