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Do You Love Brown Rice Like the Obamas Love Brown Rice?

obamas brown rice

White House

Tough election year aside, when it comes to family dinners, it turns out most Americans are right there with the Obamas.


NPR recently conducted a survey of more than 10,000 people to see how their dining choices compare with those of the first family‘s, and 77 percent say they “always” or “usually” eat as a family on weekdays, with the same number saying they only eat dessert a couple nights a week. (Liars!) But, sorry, Michelle: Unlike you, a significant number of Americans draw the line at fixing brown rice.


Just a little more than half of respondents to the NPR survey say they pick brown rice over white rice, and reasons why range from the whole hippie connotation to its longer cooking time.


“I’d like to do brown rice more often, but white rice cooks up so much faster that I almost always go with that instead,” one respondent tells NPR. “I suppose I could use quick rice, but I don’t care for the texture.”


True, brown rice does take longer to get on the table — about 45 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes it takes for most white rice varieties, the broadcaster notes. But there are ways around that.


The USA Rice Federation’s Shaily Jariwala suggests cooking up several servings of brown rice at once, and then using it all week long, combining it with leftover chicken, say, or tossing it with mixed veggies. Cooked brown rice will keep in the fridge for three to five days or in the freezer for up to six months, NPR adds.


Happy to cook it or not, the red-headed step-child of the grain world is slowly showing up in more and more shopping carts, according to the broadcaster, which notes a 31 percent increase in domestic shipments of brown rice grown in America between 2007 and 2011.


Now, if we could just find the time to whip up a month’s worth of brown rice, maybe we’d make the switch, too. Of course, having a White House chef on hand to help wouldn’t hurt, either.




Want to make the switch? Explore all our brown rice recipes!



13 Responses to “Do You Love Brown Rice Like the Obamas Love Brown Rice?”

  • Autumn says:

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  • Karen says:

    I’m with Susanne, and I also live abroad (in Mexico), but I am an American citizen. What is wrong with you people? This is an article about FOOD, not politics. Even if you don’t like the Obamas, can you not accept that they eat healthy food? I’ve been out of the country for more than seven years, and I’m thinking that things have surely changed. And not for the better. Give it a rest, folks. Why all the hatred?

  • Susanne says:

    Can hardly believe all you people that are filled with hatred! On a recipe site?? I’m from New Zealand, and things aren’t perfect here, but in a democracy, about 1/2 the population will be happy with the government. BUT, cooking brown rice takes too long? OMG, how lazy/disorganised can you get? Put it on to cook first!! For the better taste and all it’s benefits, I’m gob-smacked that this is an excuse….

  • Nita says:

    I cook brown rice. I dont care that it takes longer to cook. it is better for me so i eat it when I eat rice. I no longer eat white rice. Whenever someone says the Obama’ or Michelle likes something I cringe. I don’t like them and it pisses me off whenever their disgusting names are brought into the conversation. They are against America and I don’t care what they do, eat or even think!

  • kls says:

    Trust me..I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the Obama’s like..And I am shocked that you’d dump this on this site..You just made yourself less than credible..I am fed up with the Obamas..Hell..they’re like the KGB..they’re everywhere..

  • jack goldman says:

    The O’bamas like BROWN rice but they don’t like WHITE rice? Do they like DARK chocolate but not WHITE chocolate? Who cares what the Obamas like? I care what I like.

    • leslie says:

      I’m with you Jack. Oh WOW, the Obama’s like brown rice!! I’m giddy, and I have shivers running up my leg. Good gyod, u gotta be kidding me…No more of this site for me. Let the sheep follow their savior.

  • jib says:

    Brainwashing? Do yourself a favor— GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Come on 4 MORE years!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  • tc says:

    you people are soo silly……….i live in the caribbean and we eat brown rice every time…and no, we don’t have a personal chef or maid……you all are just lazy….complaining about cooking rice….so silly

  • rasulli says:

    keep it real if u have a chef who cares its those of us who have to do 4 ourselves that MATTER !!

  • jt says:

    who cares what the brainwashing obamas like?

    • Delilah Anderson says:

      jt, you are one sick puppy.

      • Maddy says:

        JT is right. The Obama’s are anti-American and pro-socialist. They want to redistribute the wealth until there isn’t any more and then they can have total control over their dependent citizens. At least that’s what they think. They can think again. We will survive the Obama fiasco. We have to purge D.C. and elect new leaders. Brown rice is no more difficult to cook than white rice. You just have to start it 25 minutes sooner.

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