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Breakfast on the Go: Overnight Blueberry Almond Muesli

Overnight Blueberry Almond Muesli

Mornings in our household can be a little crazy: We have three different school schedules, my husband’s medical job, and my freelance work schedule to contend with, which often means that weekday breakfasts are an every man for himself situation. So I went hunting for an easy grab and go breakfast option that would be both tasty and healthy to see if I could provide a calmer start to the day for all of us. This recipe for Overnight Muesli fit the bill. It is simple to make since you just mix together the ingredients including whole grains, nuts, and yogurt, and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Plus, it’s easy to customize and it’s absolutely delicious!

How to Make Overnight Blueberry Almond Muesli

We made the recipe a few times and came up with our own customized version. And although the original recipe says that it yields two servings, I make one batch for each family member for a filling breakfast that keeps everyone satisfied until lunch.

How to Make Overnight Blueberry Almond Muesli

Our favorite way to make our yogurt-soaked muesli is to use the oats, wheat germ, salt and vanilla as directed. However, we substitute soy milk for the juice for added creaminess (and less sugar), and use coconut milk based yogurt for a fully vegan recipe. Greek yogurt is also a great option if you enjoy dairy. We mix up the sweetener as well with either agave nectar or raw sugar, and usually trade in slivered almonds for the sunflower seeds and dried blueberries instead of cranberries. And whenever we have it on hand, we add unsweetened dried coconut for even more texture and flavor.

Overnight Blueberry Almond Muesli

After combining all the ingredients, all you do is scoop the entire thing into a storage container and let sit in the refrigerator overnight. The result is a thick and luscious breakfast that can be enjoyed on the go. My family loves the flexibility of making their own small batch with all their favorite ingredients and I love knowing that the whole family is starting their day off on a healthy note!

Check out the recipe for Overnight Muesli here!

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