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Boiled Potatoes: Leftover Logic

Hot Potato Salad NicoiseOne potato, two potato, three potato, four… Unlike a lot of leftovers, the more boiled-potato leftovers you have, the better. Spuds seem to make themselves at home everywhere—from adding a touch of starch to a green salad to thickening up a soup to folding into a frittata.


Here are three of our favorite ways to use leftover spuds and put potato power into your meals.


The classic nicoise salad (born in Nice, France) is one of those perfect meals, combining greens, green beans, hard-cooked eggs, tuna, olives, and potatoes, and dressed in a honey-mustard vinaigrette with herbs. This Hot Potato Salad Nicoise recipe (the salad is pictured here), puts a slight twist on the traditional: the fish is grilled salmon, and the dressing is thicker and is a cooked combo of olive oil, lemon, a bit of sugar, celery seed, black pepper, and corn starch. Served warm, the flavors of all the ingredients come alive.











Corn ChowderCorn Chowder: When you only have the equivalent of about one potato, why not toss it into a creamy, bacony chowder? Because this corn chowder is prepared in the slow cooker (and your potatoes are already cooked), you can add the spuds at the tail end of the process so they won’t get mushy. This soup is so hearty it’s a meal in itself when served with a green salad on the side.











Mixed Vegetable MasalaMixed Vegetable Masala: You’ll only need a cup of peeled, cubed potatoes for this spicy, fragrant Indian dish of carrots, cauliflower, onions, peppers, and more. Masala describes a mixture of spices, but it also describes the nature of this dish, a mix of many types of vegetables. Most any curry welcomes a bit of potato, so don’t hesitate to use your leftovers to give your curries more substance.








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