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The Blues Salad: Dinner for $10

cheap dinner recipesIf your kids are like ours, they could eat mac and cheese every night of the week. As for us, we kind of get a hankering for something a bit, um, fresher, maybe even (gasp!) green.


Especially come those warm spring and summer nights, sometimes there’s nothing that hits the spot like a good salad. This Blues Salad fits the bill to a T: leafy greens, lightly toasted walnuts and the sharp bite of blue cheese are all brought together beneath a fresh blueberry vinaigrette. (You can make the blueberry vinegar well ahead of time and keep it on hand all summer long). Not only that, but this Blues Salad yields 4 servings at just $1.97 per serving.


The kids may not go for it, but who cares? Let ‘em eat mac and cheese.




Make this Blues Salad!








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