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TGIF! Blue Beauty Cocktail: A Good Drink (& a Bad Joke)

blue beauty recipeBeer may be the old standby for watching your average football game, but it’s Super Bowl weekend for crying out loud. And if you really want to put the party in your Super Bowl party, then nothing packs quite the same “punch” as these Blue Beauties.


A potent mix of white rum, curacao, pineapple juice and coconut, they’ve got a festive flavor (and a welcome hint of the tropics for February). Sure, serving them in their namesake blue keeps them team-neutral. But if everyone’s rooting for the same team (and you opt for triple sec over the curacao), you can easily add some appropriate game-day flare. Use a mix of blue and red food coloring to give your party punch a purple Raven’s hue, or stick with red alone to cheer for the 49ers.


And now for our special TGIF bad joke, which we provide as a public service of sorts. Remember, when you think the joke is funny, it’s time to put the liquor away:


A father took his young son to his first football game. Afterward, he asked whether he enjoyed it.


“I liked it,” the son said, “but why did they keep hitting each other for 25 cents?”


“What do you mean?” the father asked.


“Everyone kept yelling, ‘Get the quarter back, get the quarter back!”




Watch our how to make a Blue Beauty video!



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