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Vodka with Tater Tots? — A Bloody Disgusting Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary: Food NewsOne fabulous thing about the holidays: Cocktail parties! One not-so-fabulous thing about the holidays: Hangovers!


Thank goodness for the Bloody Mary, that vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco concoction that offers just enough of the ol’ hair of the dog to get you out of bed, off to brunch, and ready for the next soiree.


Now, when we order a Bloody, we expect it to be served with enough accoutrements to be considered a meal: at the least, a pickle, celery, and lots and lots of olives, etc. But, as the folks at the food blog Eater have found, there are plenty of establishments that are going quite garish with the drink’s garnish these days.


In Milwaukee, for example, the Bloody Masterpiece, from Sobelman’s, comes with celery, asparagus, shrimp, and a bacon cheeseburger skewer. We’re gonna go ahead and say “ridiculous.”


Equally ridiculous toppers abound in Minneapolis, where the Icehouse serves a doughnut and candied bacon with its Bloody; while the signature Chef’s Skewer vodka cocktail at Haute Dish gets you pickles, cheese, and a chicken wing — all for an extra three bucks.


But the nastiest of all? The website reports the Bloody Best, found at Atlanta eatery the Nook, is served with “bacon, pepperoncinis, blue cheese stuffed olives, tater tots, steak, a slice of toast, and a hard-boiled egg. Also it comes with a beef straw.”


We’re surprised there’s still room for the vodka!




Bloody Mary is the drink we love! Make all of these great eye-opening recipes!






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