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What’s the Best Day to Grocery Shop? — Supermarket Savvy

best day to grocery shop


For many of us, weekends involve two days of rushing through activities, only to be capped off by trudging through a crowded grocery store. If this sounds familiar, you may be missing out on the best day to go grocery shopping.


According to MyGroceryDeals.com, Wednesdays are the best day to shop. At least half of the nation’s grocery stores start their weekly sales on Wednesdays, and many will honor the prior week’s sales on that day as well, which means you might get to double dip in two sale cycles. Plus, since it’s the middle of the week, stores won’t be as crowded.


So if you simply switch your shopping to Wednesday, you’ll likely be better off. But if you want to get really fancy, find out when your store runs its sale cycle, and then make it work best for you.


Here’s what I do: of the two stores I frequent, one has better sales, and the other has better everyday prices. Armed with my coupons, I go to the one with better sales at the start of the sale cycle, before rain checks are being issued, on Thursday, and I go to the one with cheaper prices towards the end of the sale cycle on Tuesday, when it’s not crowded. This way, I’m not wasting my time or money. Jill Cataldo, one of my couponing gurus, also reminds shoppers that some stores have mini cycles within each sale week, so if those line up just right, you can score things for close to free even without digging into your coupon stash.


Finally, whatever day you end up shopping, remember to look closely at perishable sale items, especially if you’re shopping late in the day at the end of the weekly sale. Chances are that anything perishable will be further marked down at the last minute.




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