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10 Good-for-You Bean Recipes: Cheap & Healthy Foods

I have a friend who claims that the only baby toy you need is a jar full of dried beans. Although it’s true that dried beans are beautiful and that they rattle if you shake them, I have a bad feeling about using a jar as a baby toy. (And really, my kids would have enjoyed this toy for about six seconds.) More important — what a waste to keep beans locked up like that!


Beans are, after all, a practically perfect food. Beautiful, yes, but also healthy: fiber-filled, protein-packed, and gluten- and fat-free. You can use them in anything except desserts, and I’m sure the bean folks are working on that. Besides, they’re insanely inexpensive. Really, I can’t praise them enough — except as a baby toy.


If you want to use dried beans instead of canned, a slow-cooker is excellent for cooking them. I usually slow-cook dried beans for at least 48 hours, which is what it takes to get them as creamy as I like them. After all, a practically perfect food deserves respect.




healthy foodWhat’s good for you and good for your wallet?

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  • Fred says:

    We have the worst memory! I’ve had a notebook/planner for several years…I actually do not understand what I might do without it!

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