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Bonkers for Bacon! 7 Sizzling Bacon-Bursting Recipes

bacon recipesAs Homer Simpson succinctly put it: “Mmmmm … bacon.”


It may not be the most eloquent of statements, but we know exactly what he means, that perfect punch of salty meatiness that’s often been described as kryptonite to even hardcore vegetarians. Bacon’s appeal is such that even the snobbiest of gourmet chefs find ways to work it into their recipes as often as possible — as any viewer of Top Chef knows, more than one chef has even gone so far as to have a bacon tattoo.


No need for you to go to such extremes to show your appreciation for this tasty cured meat. All you need to do is try any one of these delicious bacon-centric recipes, and you’ll be in bacon heaven. We’ve got “fancy” bacon” (as in bacon-wrapped scallops), and we’ve got comfort-food bacon covered, too (just try our bacon, ham and egg hash). Whatever your dining situation, from a breakfast to a party, we’ve got you covered.


Our one suggestion is that you make plenty of these bacon recipes. Because if we’ve learned anything from Homer Simpson, it’s that no one can eat just one slice of bacon.




Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Crisps

bacon recipes

Crispy, salty and savory, these delicious little appetizers are sure to be a hit at your next party. Because the recipe makes 72 servings, it’s an ideal choice for a potluck or family reunion.




Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

bacon recipes

Bacon’s salty and rich flavor is a perfect compliment to the delicate sweetness of scallops. We love the Asian-inspired flavor that water chestnuts, soy and ginger give this dish.




Peanut Butter and Apple-Bacon Sandwiches

bacon recipes

Elvis would have loved this sandwich. Trust us: bacon, peanut butter and apple combine to delicious (if unexpected) effect in this creative lunchtime treat.




Tomato Salad with Bacon, Blue Cheese and Basil

bacon recipes

Bacon adds a great crunch and flavor to this sophisticated salad. This is a perfect way to enjoy the last of summer’s tomatoes and basil while they’re still fresh.




Bacon, Ham and Egg Hash

bacon recipes

This hearty breakfast is the perfect way to start a busy day. Full of protein and flavor, this hash needs only a slice of toast and some fresh fruit to make a completely satisfying morning meal.




Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Apricots

bacon recipes

Sweet apricots, savory bacon and creamy Havarti cheese combine to make a truly irresistible appetizer. You can prepare these hors d’oeuvres up to a day in advance, which makes them especially ideal for your next get-together.




Smokehouse Ice Cream

bacon recipes

No need to choose between salty or sweet in this tasty dessert. Adding bacon to the custard mix gives it great complexity and a deliciously subtle smoky flavor.




Love bacon? Explore all our bacon recipes!



3 Responses to “Bonkers for Bacon! 7 Sizzling Bacon-Bursting Recipes”

  • jp says:

    Sorry for the oops! the recipe I was referring to was the “bacon crisps” from Smithfield. Use brown sugar instead of parmesan. wrap the bacon around the waverly cracker and sprinkle with brown sugar. Then follow the rest of the baking directions. These are amazingly sweet/salty and yummy!

  • jp says:

    These are also incredible using brown sugar instead of the parmesan…sweet/salty yummy

  • JUDY RITTER says:

    I love Bacon in salads, appetizerst I have not gotten it in desserts as yet. Give me time 1

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