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Gotcha! 8 Sneaky April Fool’s Desserts

april fool's food

The kitchen isn’t probably the first place you’d think to cook up an April Fool’s gag, which is why it’s perfect: no one will suspect a thing. While April Fool’s jokes have the potential to leave a decidedly bitter aftertaste (at least when it comes to their intended target), there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun on the sweet side. An “egg” sunny side up and a couple pieces of “toast” are actually melted marshmallow, frosting and sliced pound cake. Sushi as an after-school snack? Ha! Those rolls are really wrapped with Fruit Roll-Ups. And can we interest you in a spoonful of … dirt?



Here are eight April Fool’s food gags that’ll do anything but leave you, well, gagging.







April Fool’s Breakfast

april fool's food

Serve this sweet surprise for breakfast or haul it out for dessert — either way, it’s sure to get a hearty laugh.




Fruiti Sushi

april fool's food

This sushi lookalike is actually made from Fruit Roll-Ups, gummy candy and Chex cereal!




Dirt Pudding

april fool's food

What’ll your kids think when you dig into a bowlful of dirt? Wait until they find out it’s really chocolate pudding with a clever crumbled-cookie topping.




Graveyard Gravel

april fool's food

Borrowed from another mischievous holiday, these ordinary looking rocks are delicious chocolate truffles in disguise.




Surprise Cupcake Cones

april fool's recipes

No one’s going to be sore when they take one lick of these cones and discover they’re cupcakes instead of ice cream.




Big Burger Cake

april fool's recipe

A burger for dessert? You’re in for a whopper of a surprise!




Peanut Butter S’More Quesadillas

april fool's recipes

Hide the hot sauce — these gooey quesadillas give a sweet twist to typically savory fare.




Raspberry Fool

april fool's food

It’s no joke: this creamy, delicious raspberry fool is foolish in name only. Gotcha!






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  • Jodi Baker says:

    It would be fun to take the fruit sushi to work!

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