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Apples, Even Better Than You Thought: Real Healthy

Apple Recipes: Real HealthyTrue confession: I haven’t been giving apples the respect they deserve lately. Perhaps familiarity really does breed contempt (or at least indifference). Or maybe I was just swayed by the steady stream of stories on the antioxidant superpowers of blueberries, pomegranates (click here for pomegranate smoothie recipes), and other “brightly-colored” fruits and vegetables.


I really had come to view apples as nutritional under-achievers. Better than a cookie, for sure. But, let’s face it, no goji berry. However, a new study, conducted in the Netherlands, puts some of the shine back on this old lunchbox staple. It found that “white” fruits like apples and pears actually beat out more deeply-pigmented produce in terms of reducing stroke risk.  Another study, this one from Ohio State University, found that daily apple consumption lowered “bad” cholesterol levels. It appears that an apple a day really could help keep the doctor away.


What better time to get this news than deep into apple season, when this year’s crop is at its crisp and flavorful best? My favorite varieties for eating out of hand include Empire, Fuji, and Honey Crisp. For baking (click here for a recipe for sweet baked apples), look for Braeburn, Cortland, or Granny Smith. (Remember that bigger fruit means less peeling.)


Although it’s hard to go wrong with a classic apple pie, there’s so much more you can do with apples. Pick up a bushel at your local farmers market or apple farm and check out some of these fantastic (and healthy) recipes.




Maple Pork and Apples

Apple Recipes: Real Healthy

Nothing goes together like apple and pork — never better than in this super-fast recipes.




Nutty Apple Salad

Apple Recipes: Real Healthy

You’ll love what cashews and a spicy kick from apple-cider vinegar do to this elegant little salad.




Stewed Mussels with Apple and Fennel

Apple Recipes: Real Healthy

We know about pork, but check out how apples enhance even shellfish like mussels!




Ginger Apple Glazed Chicken

Apple Recipes: Real Healthy

Apples, cider, and a juicy glaze make this chicken dish irresistible.




Baked Breakfast Apples

Apple Recipes

Apples for breakfast? You bet, especially with this great-tasting nutty granola.




Tis the season — to make all kinds of great recipes with juicy apples!






2 Responses to “Apples, Even Better Than You Thought: Real Healthy”

  • Gaston says:

    Omg, enjoy!!! The interaction between the 2 is amazing. So are your photographs

  • Jim says:

    For my money, Fujis are hard to beat, but I also love the tiny organic crab apples, and since they’re so small they also have a more favorable ratio of the (healthful) skin to volume. (And when I eat them, I can feel like I’m the Green Giant :-)

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