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Apples That Don’t Turn Brown? We’ll Bite

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First, we learn scientists have found the answer to getting ketchup to flow more easily, and now we’re hearing there may be a way to keep apples from turning brown. (Did you hear that? The sound of our minds being seriously blown.)


London’s Daily Mail reports that Okanagan Specialty Fruits, a Canadian biotech biz in a fertile stretch of British Columbia, says it has figured out how to modify the gene in apples that causes browning, and—pending approval from Canadian and U.S. officials—it hopes to get two kinds of forever-red or eternally green apples on shelves as soon as two years from now. (Well, maybe not for all eternity.)


Oh, and here’s the best part: Even after you slice or chop up one of these apples, the fleshy part should stay white for weeks, according to the newspaper. Okanagan founder Neal Carter tells the Daily Mail  that the company’s “Arctic Granny” and “Arctic Golden” apples don’t even need to be chemically treated. And they produce a clearer juice than traditional apples.


“At the end of the day,” says Carter, “it’s just a very nice apple that doesn’t go brown.” (Calling all fruit-salad lovers.) It all sounds as Canadian as apple pie.


Of course, there are those who would rather stick with the naturally browning apples we’ve come to know and love. The Daily Mail also reports that one Canadian politician is currently collecting signatures in a petition to stop the production of genetically modified apples for fear that their pollen could transfer to other apple trees, especially ones that have been certified organic.


Yes, that could be a worry. On the other hand, it might be a shame to let one bad apple spoil a whole genetically modified bunch.




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