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One-Bowl Upside-Down Apple Cake

apple upside down cakeWhen I was growing up, my mom had an apple cake recipe that she made regularly. She laced thin strips of apple throughout the cake, which she baked in a bundt pan until it was a deep golden brown. I can’t remember if she made it for special occasions, or whether it was just an easy thing to bake when she was in the mood, but since then I’ve always had a soft spot for any type of apple cake.


Now that I have my own kitchen and my own style of baking, I’m often drawn to recipes that are easy to put together but that pack a serious punch of flavor. And when I can use fresh, seasonal fruit—like apples, which are still plentiful in stores and that we have in abundance from my in-laws’ trees—so much the better. Which means that I love this Upside-Down One-Bowl Apple Cake . Yes, it involves a few steps, but it’s all so straightforward (one bowl to wash!) and the payoff is a delicious show-stopper of a cake.


Served with some rich, creamy vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, this is a simple dessert that’s impressive enough for guests. I’m planning to serve this cake next week, when we have friends over for dinner (and I’m looking forward to enjoying the leftovers for breakfast the following morning).


• In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, and the holiday baking frenzy, many of the staples you’ll need for this recipe will  be on sale—things like flour, butter, and sugar. Check out the recipe; the store savings are automatically applied to the ingredients list. Stock up while the prices are low (and store that extra butter in the freezer so that it lasts longer).


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